The conceptual-fuckedness of it all explained/
   or A how-to guide when attempting this site.
   So I lied. There may in fact be some order underlying the chaotic mess
   that appears before you.
   Click on the coloured link/s for the following.

p   fags and jarvis. No you homophobes,it's not what you think.
jarvis explains himself. hobbies include shoe-collecting.
l    a word on shoe-collecting.
your questions answered by the man himself.
i   if you show me yours, i'll show you mine. No it's not what you think either.
t   pulp = jarvis,candida,steve,nick,mark. So where's the rest?
russell senior.
t   jarvis duels with the white gloved one.
i   why the porn. Hardcore explained.
o  my alternative site for Pulp. very bad.
pulp content sites on the web. very good.
s  if tack is your thing.