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Jarvis Branson Cocker
Shameless velveteen wearing lead singer for some british band by the name of Pulp

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film Why why why the tackiness?
Tripod has wonderfully supplied me the option of creating a "celebrity fan" page, and with my current levels of idolisation so stong, I thought it best to get the whole thing out of my system and create one for Jarvis Cocker.
Yes, yes, yes I am perfectly aware that this page has all the hallmarks of a pre-pubescent squealing moron with hopeless dreams that she shall shag some 35 year old english pop star.
But no, no, no, au contraire, I realised that for someone who breathes "on a pink quilted eiderdown I wanna pull your knickers down", who has the audacity to wear jelly shoes on stage in front of hundreds of individuals in the year of 1998, and who mooned Michael Jackson, this choice of site style is really quite fitting.
So let me introduce you to the man who turned me on quite abit whilst humping the speakers on stage.
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film From Jarvis

O my God, is it really not
about time we smashed tru
these imperfect, dirty
windows and reached in to
take what is rightfully ours? Oh
please, let's go bareback
tonight baby and ride 'til it
hurts-with no protection. I'm
ready if you are.

love, Jarvis xx

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