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C U R E 

the links for The Cure

*all images are taken surreptitiously. but with much appreciation

>>The official website is possibly the best from what I've seen. 

Complete with pictures from the earliest Cure periods of 1977, 

the Three Imaginary Boys, lyrics, discography, sounds, videos. 

Everything that an official site needs to have. It is personally 

updated by members of the band. 

>>For fan-based/unofficial websites the best site to find most of 

them is at the Ultimate Band List, which is possibly the best site to

find links to bands in general. Search for the Cure.

>>the cure : stiff as toys and tall as men is another site worth 

looking at. It has a good selection of rare pics such as singles

covers and magazine covers as well as an extensive review and 

interview section. Well worth checking out.

>>One such article ! found from the above site can be found here

From Melody Maker in 1989 it makes for good reading.

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