m y  d e s c e n t  i n t o  (t h e) e e ls

08th August 2000 (Week 1)
Okay, admittedly the title of my page is pretty "naff" (*thanks Tat), but it could have been much worse. The alternative was "P.S. Eels Rock My World" and on the "naff" barometer that would have rated pretty high. So for the meanwhile I'll stick to the above. I'm composing this on Netscape Composer at the moment and it's pretty shithouse and i'm messing around with the fonts and i have a scary feeling that no one other than myself will be able to read it, but fuck it, it's my site.

So how to explain my sudden surge in interest in an alt-rock-folk-pop American band composed of a man with a single-letter moniker (E) for a name and a drummer called Butch.....

>>eels perform in Enmore Theatre, Friday 28th July 2000 in Sydney Australia>>

An unexpected pleasure. Possibly rates as "concert of the year" outshining Muse, Gomez and even Ben Harper in terms of sheer enjoyment (IMHO) thus far. So a brilliant (debut) performance and I'm left reeling, searching the internet for information, buying records, and spending hours on end working through electro-shock blues and daisies of the galaxy.

So after a week, where has "my descent into (the) eels" left me :
- completely out of pocket/ broke
- spending an inordinate amount of hours in my pyjamas in my waking hours, morose and bed ridden, listening perhaps too closely to the lyrics of electro-shock blues
- alternating the above with a few wild crazy dances to Mr E's Beautiful Blues (not too dissimilar to that lovely performance by roadie "Spider Mellancamp") and pogoing around the room to the sounds of Tiger In My Tank which strangely enough sounds to me like a worthy contender as the next "Chicken Dance song". If anyone gets the latter comment, well erm at least you get what I'm saying
- getting a tad too emotional with the tracks Daisies of the Galaxy, Climbing to the Moon (my fav), Dead of Winter, and the uplifting beauty of P.S Rock My World
- finding that E is becoming exponentially more sexy as I listen to his music. (even as I think back on him on stage in his pyjamas and being dragged on and off stage like a mental patient-which is the effect he was going for I guess). As he said notably somewhere in a piece somewhere on the net "I defy sex-laws".

So despite my emotional ups and downs in the past week, my lack of money, and my complete unproductiveness life-wise, goddamn it's been a beautiful week.

Newsworthy eels news?
UPCOMING - eels on Letterman - eels have a live spot on Late Show with David Letterman on either the 10th or 11th of August. Keep an eye out.
PAST - eels have been doing the hard slog media-wise in Australia. I say hard slog but I've only caught them twice in the media. E did his own spot on The Panel on Wednesday where he displayed the brazen E wit discussing the merits of good heroin in Australia, the effects of cocaine, playing Mr E's Beautiful Blues when the lights were up at the end of the concert for the losers left there who don't have a life, and answering Kate Langbrook's question about whether he was the loser in high school ("No I was the big jock" he deadpans)- that made it to the promo-. And E performed acoustically Mr E's Beautiful Blues, and then was called on to close the show with the brilliant Fucker.
The other media piece was E again talking to Richard Kingsmill on Triple JJJ about eels' music, and how E felt about his earlier comments on the role his music played in helping out others like him so they didn't feel too alone.

And the future for "my descent into (the) eels" ?
I'm still polishing off my review for electro-shock blues (pictured below), and have called it "Morose or ultimately uplifting?" which already suggests that it's going to be wanky and pretentious.
I've found two articles interviewing E about Daisies of the Galaxy in the New Zealand magazine Pavement, and in Select so I'll get around transcribing it if it hasn't already been done.
As I find E's wit highly amusing I'm going to transcribe the in-between-songs banter of the Enmore Theatre performance which was highly entertaining. One such highlight was the introduction to the "Eels Orchestra 2000". The review and set list of the concerrt will come up here soon too.
So that's coming up soon I hope.

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And can someone tell me if this font is working out?
electro-shock blues cover

 "If Beautiful Freaks was our greeting card to the world, then Electro Shock Blues is the phonecall in the middle of the night that the world doesn't want to answer" says E.