pretty little thing  pretty little thing
The Brickshithouse was the first place I went to when attempting to uncover those annoying little tidbits of information, that as a fan you just need to know. You know of the information I refer to here. Their birthdates, heights etc. The sort of information that really sheds so much essential light on their music.
Well there you've got it. placebo are a ______ band (neither British, American, or Swedish), and as they defy categorisation geographically, they similiarly defy the what-kind-of-band-are-they categorisation. I was lost for words when my brother asked that very question on the day before I was to watch placebo perform in Sydney at the Metro.
A glam-rock band, with punk, pop overtones. Perhaps. I'm not a music critic, nor do I aspire to be one. All I know of the band is that they do a damn fine job on stage, and that their two recordings are on constant rotation in my bedroom. Their debut self-titled Placebo, and their second album Without You I'm Nothing.