pretty little thing  PRETTY LITTLE THING
I am well aware that Placebo is made up of much more than simply Brian Molko. Add Stefan Oldsal on bass, and Steve Hewitt on drums into the mix, and only then is Placebo complete.
But even a quick glance at PRETTY LITTLE THING reveals that the focus of this site is undeniably on Brian Molko. I apologise for that, but it was after all the enigmatic Molko that prompted my interest in Placebo.  That explained, so what is it of Brian that provokes me to spend valuable time creating extra bandwidth on the internet ?
It is first of all, that androgynous quality. Secondly he is morally licentious and sexually ambiguous, amply demonstrated in the line "I'm unclean, I'm a libertine", and I'm nineteen and curious so go figure. Thirdly, he is a brilliant lyricist. Molko's lyrics are disturbingly personal which accounts for much of the appeal. Ambiguity revealed is one section of the site that attempts to explain some of Brian's mindset during the song-writing process. When "My Sweet Prince" is on repeat and you've got the headphones on, it is a tremendous experience.The highlight of the Sydney concert was in fact Brian's rendition of that song. And on another note, anyone who can turn the smoking of a single cigarette into an veritable art form, for that alone deserves recognition.