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One of the greatest things about music is that you can take whatever you want from it, remould it, and apply it personally to your own life. The following will probably take much of the mystique and ambiguity away from Placebo's tracks, but nonetheless I think it's worth it. If nothing else, it'll give you much more of an insight into Brian's song-writing process.
The linked tracks will take you to Brian's explanation for the track and/or lyrics.
01  Come Home  
02  Teenage Angst 
03  Bionic  
04  36 Degrees  
05  Hang On To Your IQ  
06  Nancy Boy  
07  I Know  
08  Bruise Pristine  
09  Lady Of the Flowers  
10  Swallow  
  01  Pure Morning  
  02  Brick Shithouse  
  03  You Don't Care About Us  
  04  Ask For Answers   
  05  Without You I'm Nothing   
  06  Allergic (To Thoughts Of Mother Earth)   
  07  The Crawl  
  08  Every You Every Me  
  09  My Sweet Prince   
  10  Summer's Gone   
  11  Scared of Girls   
  12  Burger Queen  
    Evil Dildo