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A page from my diary

The following was jotted down in my diary, the night/morning after watching Placebo in Sydney at the Metro.
Please keep in mind that at 2.10 in the morning, a well-written, gramatically correct, indepth and insightful account of the gig was somewhat beyond my capabilities.

" Current time/date
2.10am in morning (duh)
Therefore Tue 27th April 1999,
although still feeling like public holiday Monday.
Reason for note in journal : Saw Placebo tonight.
Focus on Brian Molko (Placebo synonymous with B. Molko)
"Sweet Prince" is a kick ass trac acoustic track.
Brian Molko cut his hair.
Brian Molko is sexy the personification of
all that is sexy. Bisexual, & does that
sexy cigarette thing as well. The cigarette
during Sweet Prince was a thrill.
        Hehe - he wears maroon nailpolish; &
blue eyeshadow.
And the bass player who I could only see
occassionally and only from the chest up was
apparently wearing a dress. *grin*
        He supposedly wore it well too. :) "

Again, I must reiterate, it was 2.10am..