Palpitate : Def. 1. to pulsate with unnatural rapidity, as the heart, from exertion, emotion etc.
2. to quiver or tremble.

Pulpitations : Def. 1. the result from a Pulp concert. Get it..pulpitations.
2. acknowledgement on my part that i'm underestimating the intelligence of the Pulp fan, and it all did not require an explanation.
3. Can't claim to be radically different from any other Pulp site on the internet, but am trying. 4. Jarvis Cocker is (as of right now : Tuesday 29th December 1998 8.04pm) the ideal by which all future men in my life shall be judged. perish the thought. As i've noted in my linked "shrine to Jarvis Cocker" this is quite a dubious notion, as this certain man wears jelly shoes.
5. if I continue with these bleedin definitions, you're liable to leave so lets..."get it on"