pulpitations   do you remember the first time ?

               So imagine the scene.

You're completely knackered and you've got some gig to go to.
You're not really up for it, but you've spent the money so
you've go to go. You're got some pretty good seats - the first
row in the balcony, and a friend has, with hind sight, brought
along a pair of binoculars.
You sit through a pretty mediocre support band,some wanna-be
Beatles, and you're not impressed. It's only 9pm and you're
already yawning.
It's close to 10 now, and then darkness descends.
The venue is pitch black and you know something's going to
happen but you don't know what.

And then it begins, and right from the start, you know
that "It's gonna be one hell of a night."