pulpitations  do you remember the first time ?

                 And then it's over.

You've been taken through your first time, you've had your
knickers pulled down on a pink quilted eiderdown, you've felt
The Fear, you've been on a drug comedown and been sorted, you've
felt something akin to L.O.V.E, you've partied hard, enacted a
hardcore pornographic scene, and then sung along with the common
people. And all in under two hours.
You leave the venue knowing something's changed.

And suddenly everything's changed. You run home and get tickets
for the next night. You relive the first time again and again
in your mind. You join mailing lists, stock up on cd's and vids,
trawl the internet, create a website, and your life as you once
knew it ends. You foster an unhealthy attraction for thirty-five
year old skinny white guys with incredibly bad glasses.
And everyone else thinks you've lost your head.