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NEWS for 22nd July 1999 : The official Radiohead website by the incomparable Stanley Donwood has already been officially opened. It is  slightly less puzzling than the previous official one. Fans can also join an electronic version of W.A.S.T.E. The site is located at  www.radiohead.com   

NEWS for 15th June 1999 : Some news about LP number four, direct from Thom : 

The first song played at the Tibetan Freedom Concert (with Thom solo on 
piano) has no title yet - but does have the lyrics 'Nothing to fear / 
Nothing to die for' in it. 

The recording of the fourth album is going not as well as expected, and it 
is not scheduled to arrive before Spring 2000. 

The official website should be updated very soon! 

About 40 songs were more or less rehearsed for the fourth LP, including one 
or two from the Pablo Honey era that didn't made it on OK Computer. 

There is also a  new Radiohead fan club, "The Panic Office". Its website 
will be in English, and its fanzine in Dutch. It's run by Esther out of 

The Tibetan Freedom Concert performance was not fully recorded officially, 
so any showings of it (Canal+ have announced one in the first week of 
September) will not have all the tracks on. You can watch Exit Music and an 
interview with Thom using the latest version of Media Player from 
www.microsoft.com on the official site or using these addresses (now 
working!) - http://www.underworld.net/radiohead/tibet/interview.asf and 

Finally, Phil has just become a father! His wife gave birth to a boy a few 
days ago. If you want to send something, you can do so to the w.a.s.t.e. 
address (PO Box 322, Oxford, OX4 1EY). 

NEWS for 14th June 1999 

Thom and Jonny turned up to the Tibetan Freedom Concert  
(official site http://www.tibet99.com) in Amsterdam today and played an absolute blinder of a set (Thom on acoustic guitar, Jonny filling in with hammond organ and 
other guitars).  

Setlist : New Song (Thom solo on piano), Street Spirit, 
Wear it Proudly (Elvis Costello cover), Lucky, Karma Police, Exit Music. 
Exit Music can be heard and seen from the official Tibet website at 

NEWS for 11th June 1999 : 
More news direct from Mr. Stanley D. on the official site 
(http://www.radiohead.com) : 

not long now 
only nine months late 
thanks to you and all other 'unofficial' sites 
for a grand job 
when our site is online i am 
going to have a pint 
or maybe now 
i am assured that online time is 
very soon 
mid june 
arg arg arg 
its like an overdue baby 
hope birth goes as planned 
sorry again 

Thom will be playing a solo acoustic set as part of the Tibetan Freedom 
Concert this Sunday (13th) in Amsterdam's Rai Parkhalle. He is scheduled to 
play from 17:55 to 18:20. Kink FM in Holland will be broadcasting most 
(possibly all?) of the concert on the Sunday (check listings for exact 
details). The official TFC website will be doing some sort of web 
broadcast, and putting up one song from all the sets for download later 

Thom is also supporting the Jubilee 2000 campaign aimed to encourage, 
globally, the rich nations to drop the third world debt. Thom will take 
part in an online chat on June 15th as well as attending the 
rally in Cologne, Germany on June 19th. 

Thank you to Max Kolombo from the Planet Telex site for these updates. 
To contact him :  
Max K. 
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