Hello. [radiohead] meeting people is under continous construction and  many many adjustments.  
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As of 5/7/99 Thom Yorke's chat in support of Jubilee 2000's Drop the Debt is available, as well as the latest issue of W.A.S.T.E. [no.15] 
There are plans to include transcripts of the articles and interviews I've been able to collect, reviews of shows, and latest news from Max Kolombo. I am also planning to set up some form of tape-tree for bootlegs, albums, single b-sides, imports. 
On another note, currently I am having a bit of an obsessive, put-that-track-on-repeat relationship with 'the trickster'.  A very brilliant track. 
So thank you for visiting my site. One always attempts for some degree of originality, a profound insight here and there, but often the process of creating a webpage is not dissimilar to beating your head against a brickwall as everything seems to already been done, and often better done, by others. Nevertheless I don't think that this is an altogether futile and pointless activity. Hopefully from the pages of crap you'll be able to garner at least one thing of interest. 

Thank you again. 

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