pretty little thing

One of the most curious things I find about band websites created by fans, is that at least 98% of these sites take their names from some part of the lyrics. Usually the most sought after names, are those really obscure names. Lyrics to some long-lost b-side of a demo done before they were signed are often big. Keep that little observation in mind when you follow links, you'll be surprised by how right I am..
So where does pretty little thing come from ? To be honest with you, it was my immediate reaction upon seeing the picture of Brian Molko at the beginning of this site. It seemed to fit, was apt. Because he is such a pretty thing. I should refrain from using the word little. 
If you mess around and follow links arounds my site, you'll notice that I have an unhealthy adoration for another man in another band - Jarvis Cocker. Superficially at least they seem as far apart as you can get. But I have eclectic taste.

I am a fan of fonts. They are an annoyance on the eye, but I found a whizz-bang cool one called Wingdings which would be great icons around web sites. That's it. I've decided. For  the pure unwarranted annoyance factor, I'll spread them liberally around and when clicked they'll lead you to different sections of my site - the yellow brick road of Wingdings.
God, that's deserving of a page of it's own. What an incredible title. My, my I'm brilliant.

the yellow brick road of Wingdings