my only active site from : 26.12.01 (active my ass)


26/12/01 : Jeez, bloody louise. I haven't touched this site for over 12 months. As I have a few weeks of "unemployed" time ahead, I thought I'd get to work.

The Muse/Sunburn site is dead, as well dead. Although it is heartening to realise that people are still visiting it. Sorry about that. Current fixation apparently over. Let them tour again, and the site will come back with a vengeance. 

The EELS site has not been updated for months either. I still listen to them occassionally, so vestiges of interest still remain.

Lifewise, I've finished my thesis after painstaking effort. Yeah right. I am a cautionary tale to all other Honours students. The last night (Thursday 20th December 2001) constituted one of the worst night of my life. But that old adage rings true - what doesn't kill you can only...... (note to self - watch Catchphrase more often, I've forgotten the damn thing) 

I got up early, and went to the cinemas to catch a 10am screening of Lord of the Rings. That was brilliant. Elijah Wood was born in 1981. Why is it that I hate it when individuals younger than me have achieved so much? Don't even get my started on Ms Kirsten Dunst. She has a porsche. I haven't even got my Learners license. Although I'm not driving because of environmental reasons. Instead I'd prefer to join the strange people on public transport.

ANOREXIA ? SKINNY AS - As there appears to be sudden media interest in pro-anorexia sites, I believe I'll join the fray and join the bony back brigade. Not that I'm anorexic, but jesus I'm sick to death of reading white middle class 15 year olds with no literary pretensions, wax on about how many cafeteria meals they managed to miss. Please join me here

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Monday 07th August 00 : It's been a great week so far, musically speaking anyway. eels and Gomez live in one week. Which explains my current
obsession ....
electro-shock blues cover
e e l s
I have put up a section of my site dedicated to E and his band.
Because,fuck me,they rock. [Click the album cover image]