"Beauty is angular, whittled to the essentials"
"Saw the anorexic girl at the reception desk yesterday (Friday 25th May 
2001) and have never seen anything so beautiful. I was completely 
entranced by her and could not stop staring, and perhaps because I know 
that behaviour and mindset so well that my staring was a testament to her 
power. That under the brittle exterior lay an active will that was so strong, 
that she was all will and self-determination and all those characteristics of
a Nietzschean-self. No flab, no excess.
It reminds me (she reminds me) of that quote in the back of my diary 
"She's a freak, an exotic, creative, staring, stalking around, an amplified 
stick of a girl"
It fit her to a T. A waist that was barely there, the spindly-ness of her 
upper body,  and those pronounced cheekbones. Such sheer perfection."