e l e c t r o  -  s h o c k   b l u e s

"If Beautiful Freaks was our greeting card to the world, then electro-shock blues is the phonecall in the middle of the night that the world doesn't want to answer" says E.
electro-shock blues cover

my review of the album
Morose or ultimately uplifting ? (not the most considered review, bit give it a look anyway)

live scene
eels at Enmore Theatre, July 28 2000 (taken from Revolver, by Anna Sarris) Coming soon!

track listing and opinions

what the critics say Coming soon!

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What settings are conducive to the electro-shock blues experience :
- when you're alone and in need of some "quiet time"
- trains, buses, public transport and headphones
- when the angst is partly alleviated, skip to track 16 P.S You Rock My World, and ready yourself for facing the world.