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In response to the rumour that Muse were to return to Australia in October later this year :

Subject: Re: Touring in Aus?

Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2000 18:13:38 EDT


hmmm, nothing after the summer is confirmed yet... it is all rumour at the moment.. but as soon as anything is confirmed it will go up on the site. muse

Friday 21.07.00

Redoing the design of this damn site all over again. This is the only site of mine where I actually get web traffic so I might as well do it. Lack of content is pretty obvious. I can't be arsed transcribing interviews. I'm supposed to be doing an essay. damn evil computer. On an unrelated-muse point, I found the rumanastone site today. Spiffy but nothing much happening yet. no pictures which is a shame. And finally the augie march site is up..finally. For o/s folk these two bands are Australian but if you have a taste for something that is Jeff Buckley-ish (I hate using that phrase) and utterly beautiful I would advise you to check out the latter.

rumanastone : and

augie march :

for the above sites if those addresses don't work tack on a ".au"