my descent into the eels

Why don't you sit back and take some advice from E :

"Hi, I'm E. These days, I'm like E-the drug that makes you happy. And I'm here to give you advice that will make you happy too. So try and think of me as a legal drug, though you dont have to drink 12 pints of water while your on it/me. But despite my gleeful exterior I havent always been happy. Thats hard to believe but its true. I used to spend my days mulling over the slightest worry, going over it again and again in my head until I'd become a deranged ball of paranoid psychosis, locking myself in my bedroom and trying to cut my hair off. But then I said to myself, "Hey, its not so bad. Think about the birds and the sky. And ice cream." And I was happy just like that. It's that simple. Now I never feel sad, and I only cut my hair when I need to. For some people, loneliness can be a cause of unhappiness. That excruciating despair that stems from endless solitary days and nights with nothing or no-one to lift the grey cloud of tedium that hangs over you like a shroud of sickness. I don't know what that's like of course, because I'm happy. HAPPY, thats me. But try and turn the situation to your advantage. Talk to yourself. Tell yourself jokes. Jokes are good! Jokes are fun! Ha Ha HA HA!!"



** The last update has been on Monday 11th September 2000**